quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2018

The Secretariat of Tourism and Culture

(Invites) On December 13 the Inauguration of the Room to Honor Anacleto Rosas Junior. A Nacional level

Posted by Rubens Rosas Junior - Neto do Compositor (Commentary on Maria Moura Memorial)

We must believe that the transmission of a historical and cultural memory is closely linked to the construction of the citizen, who, recognizing his past, builds a future present for the future that will be the legacy of future generations. Lost links with the past the present is impoverished and the development of a people is compromised. As we have seen, it is not enough that the testimonies of the past are preserved, it is necessary to cultivate the ability to decipher them and the capacity for their critical reading. !! Phrases taken from the (Maria Moura Memorial). (Rachel de Queiroz-commentary by Sônia Van Dijck)

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